Sunday, May 16, 2010


Back to blogging after being away from it for awhile actually for more than awhile. What ever awhile is. The hunt for fiesta has been slow. Did pick up a few items but most are for resale. Will post a few pictures. We are attending this year's HLCCA conference in Nashville. Hope to see all of the great people that we only get to see once a year.

Andy and Jane

Monday, July 20, 2009


I guess it is time to blog on the hunt. This year's conference was great but not much time for visiting with friends. The show and sale was fun and we sold lots but still to had to pack lots to come back home. At the show and sale we bought a red and turquoise 12" vases. The look great sitting next to the 12" yellow vase. I hope to get some pictures up soon.

We took a quick trip to St. Louis to attend the ball game. We stopped at one little shop in Bowling Green and they had a lt grn carafe without lid and chipped for $120.00. Jane and I just shook our heads. Once closer to the city we stopped at St Charles Antique mall. Nothing all the great there. Did see Luray coaster/nut cup that had a small nick. We passed at $24.0o now I wish I would have bought it as these are hard to find.

I am going to an auction this Thursday July 24th to an auction that has fiesta listed. STay tuned to see what there is.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

more pictures

Here are a few more pictures and one of a friend.

more road trip pictures

Here are some more road trip pictures. The three juice glasses are from our collection.

Road Trip

Sunday June 14th I drove to Paris, Illinois to a great auction. There were some cool items but then the auctioneer paid too much attention to the owner of the stuff and some things were not disclosed. Both the 8" Cobalt and Yellow vases were repaired. Some things sold cheap and others went for stupid prices. Like most auctions and this one had online bidding. This is where we bought the last juice glass we were looking for the hard to find forest green juice glass. We are posting some pictures of the table of fiesta.

another harder to find item was a Century Ivory Demi cup and saucer. Don't know what it sold for as we didn't stay that long. I stayed at the auction for three hours and started the trip back home. It was 4 hours each way.

Some of the items that sold were

Gray Juice pitcher $1,000
red Juice pitcher 325
gray juice tumblers 70 - 100
other jubilee tumblers 25 - 40
set of 6 juice tumblers all colors 90
8" yellow vase repaired 200
8" cobalt vase repaired 275
10" red vase 675
AD coffee pot cobalt 275
rose AD cup and saucer 210
#4 mixing bowl lid glaze not that great $375
#3 mixing bowl lid $425
For some reason two people bid up a cobalt KK pie plate 9" to $200 (Crazy)
all red relish $220
This is just a little of the prices. Like I said some of the common items sold fairly cheap.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

13" Chop plate

On Friday the local mall had a 13" Ivory Chop plate for $14.00 less 10%. It is still there just don't need one for the collection and there is not enough profit room. Might go back and pick it for kicks.

Andy and Jane

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HLC Rescue item

We could not pass by this server and not pick it up. It was a whole $4.00. Another item from Gypsy Caravan. Would you have rescued this server?


Andy and Jane